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Dog Skin Lotion

For Eczema or skin diseases. Ingredients:- 1d of Paraffin 1d of Black Sulphur 1d of Creosote 1/2d of Sweet Oil Method:- Mix the Black Sulphur and Sweet Oil well together Add Paraffin and Creosote Shake the bottle well before using Apply to the skin and leave on for 3 days then wash off with water […]


Ingredients 1oz Tincture of Bucha 1oz Karox compound 2oz Syrup of Lemon Method Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly and put in a clean bottle. Take one teaspoonful after meals and one teaspoonful at bedtime. Maggie Wailes * Northumbria Smallholders Association accepts no responsibility to anyone who follows these remedies, they are meant to show […]

Kidney Troubles

Recipe No.1* Ingredients:- 1oz Tincture Gentian Compound 1oz Liquid Barkola Compound 1oz Syrup of Rhubarb 5oz syrup of Ginger Method Mix all the above ingredients together thoroughly Recipe No.2 Ingredients:- ½ pint Cod Liver Oil ½ pint Lime Water 1oz Glycerin ½ oz of Essence of Almondo 1d Hypophosphates of Soda 1d Hypophosphates of Lime […]

Ancient Remedies

When my father-in-law (Dad Wailes) died there were the usual boxes of old papers to be sorted out and no prizes for guessing who got the job. Needless to say most of it went in the bin but tucked away amongst those “receipts” and “bills paid” that everyone tends to keep (just in case), I […]