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Helping You Care For Your Poultry

Hygiene in sheds is important. They need to be cleaned out regularly and treated for red spider mite, lice etc. Perches should be thoroughly sprayed. Jeyes fluid is a good all round disinfectant and special sprays can be obtained for lice etc. Louse powder is available for dusting birds. Scaly leg is another problem which […]

Poultry Problems And Tips

Reluctance to go in house – too hot, too humid, red mite – Increase ventilation, treat house Floor laid Eggs – Not enough nest boxes, or not attractive enough – take appropriate action Egg eating – Heat, lack of cool water, lack of food, infrequent egg collection- Take appropriate action Feather pecking and aggression – […]

Derbyshire Redcap

The Redcap is one of our finest breeds, it is a pure breed like the Brahma and the Hamburg, being completely unmixed not having been crossed for generations. They love to forage for most of their food, and are at their best on free range. Some writers have described the Redcap as a good layer, […]

The Norfolk Grey

The Norfolk Grey was bred by a Mr. Frederick Myhill, who was born in 1875 the son of a Norfolk farming family. He took an interest in poultry from an early age and during these early times he started to develop what he hoped would become a utility breed. Unfortunately the Boer War interrupted his […]


Cochins were introduced into this country in 1843 from the country of that name now Vietnam. Sir Edward Belcher presented early Cochins to Queen Victoria on his return from his around the world voyage. They were first known as Shanghai Fowl, then Cochin-China Fowl later shortened to Cochin. They caught the public eye with their […]