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Title: A.G.MLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Annual General Meeting, election of Officers and planning of programme for 2017. Suggestions for meetings and visits welcome Subscriptions dueStart Time: 14:00Date: 2017-03-26End Time: 16:00

Spring Egg Show

Title: Spring Egg Show Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: Our annual egg show, competition for eggs:- fresh ,painted, dyed , and character. Cakes ,Hats and Cards too, Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2017-04-23 End Time: 16:00

Honey Bee

Title: Honey Bee Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: An illustrated talk on the honey bee with member Derek Goggins. Derek has done numerous talks for the club and always makes them interesting and humerous Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2017-02-19 End Time: 16:00

Christmas Party

Title: Christmas PartyLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Our Christmas party.The presenting of Club Show winners trophies followed by a festive pooled tea and chat Start Time: 14:00Date: 2016-12-04End Time: 17:00

Visit to Lanternside

Title: Visit to Lanternside Location: Lanternside Farm ,Holystone Description: A return visit to members Julian and Gill Philipsons farm Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2016-06-12

Sheep dogs

Title: Sheep dogsLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: A talk by Tony Iley a well known local sheep dog judgeStart Time: 14:00Date: 2016-06-05End Time: 16:00

The Night Sky

Title: The Night SkyLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: A talk on Constellations with Dr Fred StevensonStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-08-23End Time: 17:00

Christmas Party and Celebration of 30 years of Smallholders Association

Title: Christmas Party and Celebration of 30 years of Smallholders AssociationDescription: Our annual Christmas Party with our festive pooled tea, with a display of photographs through the yearsStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-12-06End Time: 17:00

visit to Alder Hall

Title: visit to Alder HallLocation: Alder Hall ,West WoodburnDescription: Our annual visit to George Dents Start Time: 14:00Date: 2015-07-26

Visit to Botany Cottage

Title: Visit to Botany CottageDescription: Visit to new members smallholdingStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-08-16

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