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Hay Farm Heavy Horses

Title: Hay Farm Heavy HorsesLocation: Ford and Etal EstateDescription: A guided tour of Hay Farm to see 10 Rare Breed Clydesdale HorsesStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-05-10

Rag Rugs and Clippy Mats

Title: Rag Rugs and Clippy MatsLocation: Merton Hall, PontelandDescription: Try your hand and make something with Lizzie and SallyStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-05-31End Time: 17:00

Woodturing demonstration

Title: Woodturing demonstrationLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Woodturning demonstration with Graham AmbroseStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-06-14End Time: 17:00

The Night Skies— Postponed

Title: The Night SkiesLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Constellations with Dr Fred StevensonStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-06-28End Time: 17:00

Visit to Botany Cottage

Title: Visit to Botany CottageDescription: Visit to new members smallholdingStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-08-16

Spring Egg Show

Title: Spring Egg ShowLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Our annual Egg Show with Fresh eggs, painted eggs , decorated eggs, Easter cards and Easter bonnetsStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-04-12End Time: 17:00

Sniffer Dog

Title: Sniffer DogLocation: Merton Hall, PontelandDescription: Talk by John Hodge who worked at HMP Acklington with dogs to trace banned substancesStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-03-15End Time: 17:00

Annual Club Show

Title: Annual Club ShowLocation: Widdrington Village W.I HallDescription: Our annual club show where produce and craft are shown off and judgedStart Time: 12:00Date: 2015-09-13End Time: 17:00

Wildlife and Grazing

Title: Wildlife and GrazingDescription: Talk by Duncan Hutt of Northumberland Wildlife TrustStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-11-22End Time: 17:00

Christmas Party and Celebration of 30 years of Smallholders Association

Title: Christmas Party and Celebration of 30 years of Smallholders AssociationDescription: Our annual Christmas Party with our festive pooled tea, with a display of photographs through the yearsStart Time: 14:00Date: 2015-12-06End Time: 17:00

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