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In the light of the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, it has been decided to suspend Smallholders until further notice. The Egg Show and Miniature Donkey Meeting will be cancelled , other meetings in the pipeline will be put on hold. The Club Show will be reviewed later. Take Care and Stay Safe

Spring Egg Show

Title: Spring Egg Show Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: Smallholder Spring Egg Show Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2019-04-28 End Time: 17:00

A Walk on th Wild Side

Title: A Walk on th Wild Side Location: Middle Stobswood Farm Description: A invitation from David and Gillian to take a walk on their newly acquired land Fen Letch which was formerly opencast, to hear what they would like to do to improve the land and encourage wildlife Date: 2019-05-19


Title: BADGER TRUSTLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: A Talk from Badger Trust member Richard MuggeridgeStart Time: 14:00Date: 2019-06-09End Time: 16:00

Red Squirrels

Title: Red SquirrelsLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Talk by Debs Court of Morpeth Red SquirrelsStart Time: 14:00Date: 2019-03-24End Time: 16:00

Christmas Party

Title: Christmas PartyLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: Christmas Party and trophy PresentationStart Time: 14:00Date: 2018-12-02

Willow Weaving

Title: Willow Weaving Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: weaving a small tray/ dish from willow Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2018-05-13 End Time: 16:00

Spring Egg Show

Title: Spring Egg Show Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: Our Spring Egg Show, where eggs of all colours are judged. Painted and decorated eggs Easter cards and Easter Bonnet are also judged Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2018-04-15 End Time: 16:00

My Smallholding Heroes

Title: My Smallholding Heroes Location: Merton Hall Ponteland Description: Derek Goggins entertaining us with a talk about his Smallholding Heroes Start Time: 14:00 Date: 2018-03-25 End Time: 16:00


Title: A.G.MLocation: Merton Hall PontelandDescription: AGM to dicuss and arrange programme for 2018 Start Time: 14:00Date: 2018-02-11End Time: 16:00

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