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A Naturally Occuring Health Meat

Goat meat cuts have 50-65% lower fat content than similarly prepared beef, but have similar protein content, and have 42-59% less fat than lamb. In addition the percentage of saturated fat in goat meat is 40% less than cooked chicken without the skin on, being far below beef, pork and lamb. Your blood cholesterol level […]

A Shetland Cow (Part 4)

At the summer solstice 21st June Pepsi had her calf 2 days late. A well- worn path was made while checking her every 3-4 hours for several days and nights. She managed all on her own one lunch-time and Moses arrived. Yes another bull calf, but he is very nice. Two days later all was […]

A Shetland Cow (Part 3)

What to do with all the extra milk, there being a definite limit to the number of milk puddings one can eat. My constant reference book is ‘The Back Yard Cow’ by Ann Williams and gave me the basics for butter and cheese making. You can muddle along with ordinary kitchen equipment but it is […]

A Shetland Cow (Part 2)

Our intention was to have Pepsi as a house cow and a suckler cow as she obviously had plenty of milk, too much for the calf. It was then our first problem arose; the cow that had placidly walked into the shed now went to attack anyone and everyone, the dog, the chickens. We called […]

A Shetland Cow (Part 1)

Why a Shetland cow? Well I just fell for one at Suffolk show on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust stand; I kept going back to look at the beautiful small black and white cow. That was in the 1980s I day-dreamed of owning one and visited the two herds in Suffolk, one at Baylham the […]

The Goat (Capra Hircus)

Said to be the first animal to be domesticated by man. An animal that becomes very attached to its owner. Very independant personalities, very inquisitive and extremely useful. It can provide milk (for cheese and yoghurt), meat (, hair, leather and manure. In fact it has been said that almost every part of a goat […]