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Storing Fruit & Vegetables

Beetroot and Carrots Pack in slightly damp sand without touching each other in a frost free outbuilding…….will keep until May Solid Cabbage & Main Crop Potatoes Pack in dry straw not touching in frost free building…..will keep until April Apples Wrap each one in newspaper and store in a shallow tray .Do not store next […]

Crop Rotation Tips

Basic principles Don’t plant the same crop in the same ground two years running. Try to avoid following crops being of the same vegetable group. The crop being harvested should leave the soil in a suitable condition for the next crop to be sown. There should be provision within the rotation for the ground to […]


Description Chive is a hardy perennial with bulbs that grow very close together in clusters and long, cylindrical leaves that taper to a point. The flower heads are round and mauve in colour, but are usually nipped off, as this appears to preserve the flavour of the leaves. Origins Chive is said to be a […]

Garden Enemies

Cats Cats have a habit of scratching at newly prepared soil.To prevent them entering your garden put clippings from thorny plants along their entry route. Alternatively, use scent as a deterrent: cats dislike the smell of orange oil and camphor, which can be placed around tubs or where cats enter the garden and mushroom compost […]


FACT: Under government regulations incorporated in the Weeds Act (1959) it’s actually an offence to allow ragwort to grow unchecked. Although I’m sure you are familiar with this noxious weed, it can be described as follows: it grows 3 feet tall, has numerous yellow daisy like heads and apart from when it is very small […]

Coleus (Trying to keep them alive over winter)

The main concern is to preserve their strong leaf colourings, which means they will need as much light as possible. Try to position the plants at a south facing window, avoiding draughts if possible. Remember to move them back into the room at night. Coleus plants need to be kept warm at all times, ideally […]

Everlasting Flowers

There are four popular ways of drying flowers. :- Air drying, Glycerine, Moist drying and by using a desiccant. Air Drying Air drying is the simplest method; pick the flowers with as long a stem as possible when they are just fully out. Strip off the leaves and hang them upside down in bunches of […]

Aphid Eating Dragon

If you are troubled by aphids on your roses and other plants do not worry, help is at hand which does not involve chemical sprays or washing up liquid. The answer is to invite Lacewings into your garden, encourage them to lay their eggs and let the emerging larvae do the rest. Lacewings are beautiful, […]

Germination Of A Seed

The three essentials required for any seed are:- Water, oxygen (air) and a certain amount of warmth. Table of germination:- Broad Beans 8-12 days Early Nov, Jan-May French Beans 10-14 days Late May-July Brussel Sprouts 7-12 days March-April, August Cabbage 7-12 days March-October Carrot 17-24 days March-July Celery 15-28 days February-April Cucumber 7-14 days Late […]

Companion Planting

For companion planting to work well, you have to forget conventional separate flowerbeds and kitchen gardens, and combine your vegetables and flowers. This table shows which herbs to plant where. Some keep pests away from surrounding plants, because their scent acts as a deterrent to certain insects and attracts others. Others enrich the soil and […]

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