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Congratulations are certainly in order for Bill Jackson. Bill was the proud winner of the novice class of the carved horn section at a recent “stick show” hosted by the Northumberland Stick Dressers Association. There was a huge entry of more than 167 sticks and the competition was extremely tough because the workmanship was of […]

A Spinning Yarn

For this session of craft nights, we women are exercising our hands and feet (more of which later) with the art of spinning. As an introduction and inspiration, Roz brought in examples of her own work, including a marvelous circular shawl, in natural shades from palest cream to dark chocolate, as delicate as cobweb lace. […]

The Geordie Crackett

The “crackett” is thought to have originated in the coalmines of this region (North East England). It was made by miners for use as a headrest when on their backs hewing coal in the very low coal seams. From the mines they progressed into colliery houses, every house having its own crackett. The name is […]