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Poultry Problems And Tips

  1. Reluctance to go in house – too hot, too humid, red mite – Increase ventilation, treat house
  2. Floor laid Eggs – Not enough nest boxes, or not attractive enough – take appropriate action
  3. Egg eating – Heat, lack of cool water, lack of food, infrequent egg collection- Take appropriate action
  4. Feather pecking and aggression – flock density too high, lack of nutrients, boredom – Max 50 birds per flock, ensure diet is balanced use seed blocks and greens. Choose docile breed
  5. Prolapse – force feeding for large eggs – provide nat. balanced diet
  6. Egg with a central band – Stress or shock causing temp. halt in passage of egg through oviduct – Provide a stress- free environment
  7. Distorted eggs with soft ends – if a regular occurrence, a possible infection – consult vet
  8. Soft shelled egg – beginning of lay or end of lay in old hen. : Stress or sudden shock, pests and sudden weather changes : Occasional egg not problem, check environment and provide suitable shelter
  9. Rough ,thumbprint or slab sided eggs – uneven coating ,possible  disease – consult vet
  10. Small eggs – Starting to lay too early, too much extra light or excess amino acids in diet –  Take appropriate action
  11. Blood smear on egg –  Result of straining for over-large eggs –  Less intensive feeding
  12. Loss of colour in previously dark egg shells – Strong sunshine on hens’ backs, lack of cool water, reduced feed intake, red mite attacks or possible infection – Provide shade, provide cold water, check feeding conditions, treat for red mite and consult vet.