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New Waste Regulations

New regulations regarding burial and burning of waste came into force on Monday 12th  May 2006 . These have been introduced by Defra and will spell the end of the traditional practice of burning waste such as plastics and using farm dumps for unwanted materials.

We are being encouraged to look for alternatives such as reducing waste and recycling.
There are five options for farmers but there is one that could be applicable to smallholders, that is an exemption  licence.
Registering is free and can be done anytime during the next 12 months. The environment agency has produced a special exemption pack telling us what the exemptions are for and how to register

The pack is available by telephoning the Agricultural Waste helpline on :- 0845 6033113

The new guidelines are also available on http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk

A recycling directory to find your nearest recycling centre can be found on http://www.wasterecycling.org.uk