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Crop Rotation Tips

Basic principles

Don’t plant the same crop in the same ground two years running.
Try to avoid following crops being of the same vegetable group.
The crop being harvested should leave the soil in a suitable condition for the next crop to be sown.
There should be provision within the rotation for the ground to be rested (fallow, green manure, short term ley, etc. )

February Growing Tips
The last quiet month before things begin to speed up.


Clean any containers and labels which are to be reused.
Assuming the soil is dry enough to be lightly worked, now is the time to be planting onion sets and shallots.
Plant out any early sown lettuce under cloches
Rub out all but three of the eyes on potato tubers and set them to chit, rose end uppermost in a cool place. Check regularly for any sign of disease.


Prune outdoor vines (if you are so lucky to have them ) also gooseberries and blackcurrants if not done already.
If you have some spare cloches , use them to cover a few strawberry plants to “force” some early fruits.


If you begin mowing this month, check the sharpness of the blade on rotary mowers.
Remove at least one third of the total growth