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Visit To Earth Balance

This was our second visit. The first time was about four years ago. Then we could see they were trying to recycle and use sustainable energy by using coppice willow and solar panels for cooking and heating and the use of water to drive waterwheels. There was also a rather nice café where we had tea. The second visit was rather disappointing, to find the café shut, the fields covered in thistles, things seem to be going backwards. The sewage system had been turned into the mains because their own system had complaints about the smell.

However everybody seemed to enjoy the visit. We all had ideas about what we could do with 250 acres.

Planted with potatoes it would yield about 10 tons per acre, 2,500 tons at £30 is £75,000 sold wholesale. Potato crisps are 89p per 100gm which equals 22 million pounds sold as crisps. “Dream On”

The day ended by going to Ros’ for tea, no café closed there. She had the most wonderful garden. How she managed to put so much gravel down the slope with an old wheelbarrow beggars belief. She had flowers trees and shrubs of all kinds, no thistles. Many thanks Ros for a memorable day.

George Dent.