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The Craft Club

The Craft Club is held on a Friday,
At Callerton once every week.
Folks try their hand at whatever they like,
And later have a wee bite to eat.

The spinners are busy with fleeces,
To make bonny yarn to knit up.
Others do a little bit of sewing,
And there’s biscuits and hot tea to sup.

Some whittle wood or carve fancy sticks,
Make hen houses,hurdles and such.
It’s very informal,everyone’s welcome,
And the charge is not very much.

When working has ceased the men come up from the hut,
The women they stop just a-fore
They lay the table and heat up the grub,
And welcome the men as they come in the door.

The table is laden with food fancy and plain,
With dishes both savoury and sweet.
There’s all sorts to tempt the pickiest of folk,
Why there’s a feast to behold every week.

When everyone’s full and the dishes are cleared,
The next thing to follow’s the raffle.
And when that is over,folksit around and chat,
And it’s then you hear all the waffle.

The crack is wide and varied,the topics range far
We don’t talk scandal or smut
The chat’s about stock and also the weather,
And what’s going on down the hut.

So,if you fancy a go at trying your hand
At a craft or some form of art
Join us one Friday at the Jacksons,
You’re most welcome to come and take part.