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Our Day Out

To Egton Show we planned to go,
We had our picnic packed,
But when we checked the calendar
The proper date we lacked.

A different spot we had to plot,
For staying put was nix,
We loaded up and off we drove
To Harlow Carr Botanics.

The journey down was reasonable,
Just a hiccup round the town,
Once safe arrived, we stood and gazed
Across amazing grounds.

After suitable refreshment, we
Set off to view the veggies
The herbs were great-but what a state
The apples all had scabbies.

The trees were fair and stately,
The sweet peas smelt divine.
Fine Yorkshire stands of rhubarb
Swayed graciously in line.

We picked the scenic route back home,
Rain sluicing down to grieve us,
But the sun burst through, a rainbow shone
On the land of Border Reivers.

There’s a leaflet giving details
Of their horticultural show,
So take our tip, enjoy a trip
To the Gardens of Harlow.

(Inspired by MEW)