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Craft Club Surgery

Friday night at the Craft Club
Is like a waiting room at the Docs
We think we are fit and healthy
But we’re nowt but a bunch of crocs

I look around the assembled company
Then slowly my eyes look back
The first one I pick out is Peter
For years he’s had a bad back

I can’t believe what I’m seeing
When I look around again
There’s Betty J and Dave Burrell
Both with horrific migraine

I shake my head in disbelief
As I look around the place
This time I pick out Billy
Who still has pains in his face

There’s still another name I could mention
Sitting in the big chair, so quiet
It’s our very good friend from Woodburn
Who’s now on a gluten free diet

Bill Rowe who comes from the Soppit
As strong as his big Shire Horse
Now relies for good health
On a physiotherapists course

And who’s this beside me?
It’s our secretary – Ashington Meg
Trying to look very casual
While pain shoots up her right leg

And there’s Derek the Stannington joiner
Comes here each week with his wife
He looks quite strong and healthy
But he’s allergic to most things in life

But who am I to scoff
And pick out the faults with the rest
When I need to use an inhaler
To sort out a very bad chest

So if you’ve got a craft or a hobby
Come and join us – we’ll do you no harm
Just get a sick note from your Doctor
And meet us at Hall Cottage Farm

P.S. Dave Renwick has a sore bench