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Congratulations are certainly in order for Bill Jackson.

Bill was the proud winner of the novice class of the carved horn section at a recent “stick show” hosted by the Northumberland Stick Dressers Association. There was a huge entry of more than 167 sticks and the competition was extremely tough because the workmanship was of a superior quality. No-one envied the judiciary their task of making a decision in any of the classes.

While waiting for the judges to decide on the placements, Bill admitted that once he saw the sticks that other competitors were putting forward he was very hesitant to go ahead with his own entries. But with a little encouragement from Betty he made the decision to submit his own work and he won a first with horn and also a second with wood. Bill’s sticks were first class and the judges recognised this.

Due to his success, in future competitions he will no longer be eligible to compete amongst the novices, he will have to put his entries in with the champions.