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Christmas Crackett

After twenty years, in 1997, we finally realised our dream of moving to “the garden round the corner”. Needless to say, the house that went with it required nearly as much work as the garden, but even before we had such basics as a floor or adequate water supply, we acquired chickens. This was our first experience of hens, so we were most relieved to take up a members invitation to join the Smallholders’ self-help group.

Due to Bob’s education course and my operation, it’s only been during 1999 that we’ve been regular attendees at the Craft nights. What a revelation they are, so much humour, expertise, and generous sharing of knowledge. Bob feels he’s finally overcoming his childhood handicap of not having a Meccano set!

During the sunny summer evenings there was much outdoor activity, as families came to play with feathers and sand -and to build livestock housing, so when in the autumn it became clear that Christmas Present making was taking place in the craft hut, I thought “chicken arks”. Then Bob went to collect my present, and I thought “my chicken ark”.

What a surprise. A Christmas Crackett. I don’t know who’s more delighted, Bob with his handiwork, or me with my stool. Neighbours were highly amused by its smartness, but it’s already beginning to gather the marks of good use.

A big thank-you for guidance in woodwork, and for advice on hens during my periodic panics. We really enjoy the hospitality and good crack on Friday nights, and look forward to the activities of the coming year, when we hope those members who’ve been suffering illness will be restored to health. And since my partner in craftlessness has defected to cushion making, I’ve kitted myself out for knitting. Who knows, this may be the time I do transform a bag of unruly woolly “nests” into a wearable garment. With the Smallholders anything’s possible!

Eve Morgan

* see the craft section for a description and history of a crackett