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A Spinning Yarn

For this session of craft nights, we women are exercising our hands and feet (more of which later) with the art of spinning. As an introduction and inspiration, Roz brought in examples of her own work, including a marvelous circular shawl, in natural shades from palest cream to dark chocolate, as delicate as cobweb lace. Women and men also enjoyed a fascinating talk on the history of knitting, given by Muriels sister Mrs. Myra Fellows, and illustrated with samples from around the world. However, considering the various little difficulties some of us have experienced, it may take a while longer before we can achieve knitted work of such intricacy from our own spinning.


Having put off the hour of reckoning for several evenings, by concentrating on carding the wool into rolags (combing strands of fleece into ringlets ready to spin), the time came for me to try the wheel. Disaster! I could pedal without wool, or spin (more or less) while a kindly neighbour pedalled. Hand and foot together, dream on. Roz continued with patience, humour and the occasional tap on the wrist to advise, eventually suggesting I take the wheel home and practice, practice, practice.

That Saturday night, with a play on the radio, a bag of rolags beside me, and Bob opposite, I sat down to spin. Cut to some time later, the Russian student had killed the money lender, Bob is kneeling behind the wheel turning the shaft, Eve has her foot on the pedal “getting the feel”, while her fingers spin. Even later, the Russian student is feeling guilty, Bob is back in his chair, and Eve is…..spinning.

The secret?

It’s just like riding a bike!

Eve Morgan