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A Visit To A Woodland Burial Site

On the evening of Wednesday May 7th we had a visit to Bockenfield Woodland Burial site near Felton owned and run by Smallholder member Steve Clareheugh.

We started with a walk around the grounds where Steve has undertaken a massive tree-planting programme – we even saw tree number 16,000 standing proudly by the wayside. Steve told us about the types of trees he was planting, also about his pond and various wildlife that is now returning to this former World War 2 airfield.

We then made our way to the clubhouse where Fiona was waiting with tea, coffee and biscuits while Steve answered Members questions. The evening continued with a visit to his hangars where we saw the microlights and small planes that are based there. This brought a very interesting evening to a close and Bill Jackson gave a vote of thanks to Steve and Fiona for their time and effort.

P.S. anyone wanting to soar above the clouds contact Steve at Bockenfield Airfield . Those hoping to go higher will get him at Bockenfield Woodland Burials