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Germination Of A Seed

The three essentials required for any seed are:-

Water, oxygen (air) and a certain amount of warmth.

Table of germination:-

Broad Beans 8-12 days Early Nov, Jan-May
French Beans 10-14 days Late May-July
Brussel Sprouts 7-12 days March-April, August
Cabbage 7-12 days March-October
Carrot 17-24 days March-July
Celery 15-28 days February-April
Cucumber 7-14 days Late April-June
Endive 14-21 days April-August
Leek 18-24 days Early March-Late April
Lettuce 10-14 days March-August
Parsley 21-35 days April-August
Parsnip 21-35 days Late February-March
Peas 6-12 days March-June
Radish 4-7 days March-September
Tomato 7-14 days March (under glass)
Turnip 7-12 days March – July