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Garden Enemies


Cats have a habit of scratching at newly prepared soil.To prevent them entering your garden put clippings from thorny plants along their entry route. Alternatively, use scent as a deterrent: cats dislike the smell of orange oil and camphor, which can be placed around tubs or where cats enter the garden and mushroom compost can be used as a mulch.

Mice and Moles

Use chopped up prickly plants to protect seedling beds from mice,and avoid planting bulbs too close to the surface. In the garden shed use ultrasound devices as well as humane traps. Both mice and moles dislike the scent of crown imperial bulbs(Fritillaria imperialis), and moles will avoid smells such as garlic, creosote, camphor, rotten fish and paraffin. Simply access a mole run via a hole beneath the molehill and insert your chosen weapon. (1 hope you have some strong smelling plants to cover these smells)



A clove of garlic planted 1 inch below the surface beside rose trees will keep away greenfly Don’t harvest it just let it grow year after year.