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Coleus (Trying to keep them alive over winter)

The main concern is to preserve their strong leaf colourings, which means they will need as much light as possible. Try to position the plants at a south facing window, avoiding draughts if possible. Remember to move them back into the room at night. Coleus plants need to be kept warm at all times, ideally a constant temperature of 50° F. to sustain them

The soil should be kept slightly on the dry side throughout the winter. Gradually reduce watering over the next few weeks, then just provide sufficient moisture to keep the leaves from flagging. Always use tepid water. The plants will possibly become a bit straggly towards the end of the winter, but by about the beginning of March they can be repotted and trimmed back. They’ll put out new growth as the days become longer. Keep the best of the cuttings and root them in water, then pot them up in usual way.