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Cochins were introduced into this country in 1843 from the country of that name now Vietnam. Sir Edward Belcher presented early Cochins to Queen Victoria on his return from his around the world voyage.

They were first known as Shanghai Fowl, then Cochin-China Fowl later shortened to Cochin. They caught the public eye with their gigantic size, a male can weigh up to 13lbs, but looks even larger with their fluffy plumage. No other fowl presents such delightful softness of fluff or greater charm in colour and markings, from the soft Buffs to the brilliance of the stately Partridge male and delicately pencilled matronly Partridge female.

Other colours available are White, Blue Cuckoo and a few non-standard colours. The Cochin helped develop a lot of other breeds since their introduction. Cochin blood was used in the make-up of the Wyandotte, Plymouth Rocks and Rhode Island Reds to name but three.

They are reasonable layers of tinted eggs, make excellent broodies, as well as very good show birds as they are so tame.

We keep Partridge, Buff and Blacks.

Dave and Rena Renwick