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Ancient Remedies

When my father-in-law (Dad Wailes) died there were the usual boxes of old papers to be sorted out and no prizes for guessing who got the job. Needless to say most of it went in the bin but tucked away amongst those “receipts” and “bills paid” that everyone tends to keep (just in case), I found a very interesting little black book that had belonged to Dad Wailes’ father “Grandad Wailes”. I can only assume that when it had been Dad Wailes’ turn to sort out “Grandads” papers, he had obviously found the book too interesting to throw away because it contains some very interesting recipes for remedies that were practically “guaranteed to cure all ills”.

So in view of the fact that just before Christmas a goodly number of “Smallholders” seemed to have problems with their “waterworks” (no not blocked field drains) I chose the first one especially with them in mind. I must confess there is a slight drawback unfortunately, Grandad didn’t always write down the weight of the ingredients, although he sometimes put the current market price! So we will have to look to those scholars amongst us to put their heads together and work out what the weight could be or find out what a pennyworth of “whatever” was worth back in 1906 when the book was written.

Look out for more unctions and ointments in “Grandad’s” Remedies in the future and note, our motto is:- we aim to kill or cure almost anything

Maggie Wailes

* Northumbria Smallholders Association accepts no responsibility to anyone who follows these remedies, they are meant to show the things that people used in the past