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A Shetland Cow (Part 4)

At the summer solstice 21st June Pepsi had her calf 2 days late. A well- worn path was made while checking her every 3-4 hours for several days and nights. She managed all on her own one lunch-time and Moses arrived. Yes another bull calf, but he is very nice.

Two days later all was not well she went down with Milk Fever. Panic while it took 40minutes for the vet to arrive, it was terrible seeing her unable to get up and her eyes starting to roll as she got weaker. After some calcium injections she was up within 6 hours and grazing. The calf was not happy, cold and hiding in the rushes, so I put a little milk in a bottle with teat and he quickly got the idea, he was impatient for the bottle to be refilled and soon realised where the teat had gone so got down to ground level for a drink then scampered round and round in delight.

When 2 months Moses got an infection that upset his breathing. He had to suffer 2 injections a day for 10 days so was like a pin cushion, but he slowly recovered. This has not stopped him being friendly. Pepsi got mastitis again! Which took a while to cure as she could not have tubes because Moses was suckling.

The milk yield has been good and there is lots of butter and soft cheese in the freezer.

A tasty sauce using cream/soft cheese

  • 8oz cream cheese
  • 2 tablespoons Apricot Brandy (Orange fruit liquor, Almond is good)
  • 2oz icing sugar

Blend all together until mixed . Goes well with stewed apples

Gill Phillipson