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A Naturally Occuring Health Meat

Goat meat cuts have 50-65% lower fat content than similarly prepared beef, but have similar protein content, and have 42-59% less fat than lamb. In addition the percentage of saturated fat in goat meat is 40% less than cooked chicken without the skin on, being far below beef, pork and lamb.

Your blood cholesterol level depends less on your intake of cholesterol from foods and more on the amount of saturated fats consumed. The wealth of documented evidence indicates that Goat meat, chevon, regardless of age, breed or region will supply a high quality protein source along with healthy fat with a minimal cholesterol intake risk In addition, chevon comparatively contains higher values of iron, potassium and thiamine associated with a low sodium level.

As a result of the above chevon should be designated as a natural occurring health meat

Muriel Brown.